I am NOT Aoi Chune, Kko hikaru, or Ai Hatsune. I was inspired by their UTAU page layouts, and specifically Chune's last name. I am making changes to my character to remedy the situation. Please note, my character is not plagiarism or replication. It is based off of me as a person and my kins. I have changed things according to what was requested. My name is based on Shiro NGNL & Deadman Wonderland. My last name is based off of Iroki and Aoi Chune. My personality, disorders, relationships, random information, dere types, hikikomori lifestyle are all based upon me. I was only inspired to do the layout, last name, and create an UTAU because of seeing them and their similar personality structures. I had no idea of Aoi's previous name, as well as the name Grim or PLUGloids being a closed UTAU-type.
ALSO: I have apologized to the creators that I have hurt and am changing what they prefer I change. I could not fully remedy with Aoi.
As requested I will be changing the following:
- Any mention of being a PLUGLOID.
- Ai Hatsune's heart layout.
- Name changes to those in a relationship with shiro, "ai" , "kuro" and "grim" as I did not know about Aoi's alter.
- Alias changes (shirochu ? which I have not or at least do not have recollection of using)
- Providing a disclaimer that we are not the same persons, for any confusion.
I will also likely not be uploading anything until late this year or 2023, in order to further reflect on the situation and make changes to my UTAU / VT.
Thank You, and please message me if there are any further questions!
[email protected]